Here is some of our group's performance & experiences

Our Latest Group’s Result

Indonesian Fast Growing VAS OTT Platform Provider.
Revenue Generator Specialist
Growth from 1 to 7 Companies in 2017 with billions USD monthly revenue.
Hundreds % Yearly Sales Growth.

Our Expert Experiences Over The Years

Messaging VAS Platform
Master Content Provider
News Portal Platform
Telecomunication & VAS Industry Consultancy
International Telco’s Connection
1000+ VAS Product Development & Digital Campaigns
Micropayment Platform
Emergency Credit Platform
Internet Filtering Telkomsel
Mini SDP – .ID Domain Registrar
Yubox Wifi Platform XL Axiata
Commercial Digital Ads Platform “COMEDS”
Internet Pop Up Menu “IPM”
3ID Sistem Manajemen API – Platform Bidding Properti
Mvicall – Aplikasi Video Ringtone
Milov – Scan Match Love App
Balap Hoki – Game Balapan Berhadiah
Ular Tenggo – Game Ular Tangga Berhadiah
SerbaHoki – Portal Game Berhadiah
Pantura – Aplikasi Dangdut Pantura
100+ Mobile Quizzes-Auction-Loyalty and competition programs, with TV and MNO Channels Promotion
JudgeMe – Game Voting Seru Instan
Self Care Platform XL Axiata